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The Perfect MMORPG -TimHax

So, I lay awake late at night often contemplating such great ideas, and tonight I finally decided to lay these ideas on paper, these are solely my ideas (Tim Dupont) anyways let’s get on with it :)


Classless Game Play - meaning anyone can be anything! you can one day choose you’re just not loving the life of a magician and choose you’d like to live a new life, maybe a baker? or a ships captain? who knows?! 

3rd person viewed game play (traditional 3D RPG) Now I bet you’re wondering how it could possibly be an RTS hybrid in 3rd person? well think of how we as a society build and live, we don’t have eyes above ourselves delegating what goes where and which way it’s facing. we lay out some blueprints and we say this is how it is and we get to work that’s how I see this game running

Player outfitted transactions and shops IE: A player has worked long and hard woodcutting til he could build his own lumbermill, instead of only allowing himself to use it or letting all players use it freely, the crafter of the building could charge players for use such as 10 coin per minute of use etc. This could make it more convenient for players who wanna jump right into the crafting as opposed to chopping trees and mining until you acquired the appropriate materials.

Life skills including but not limited to woodcutting, mining, fishing, sailing, gem crafting, smithing, cooking, playing music (bard) thieving and more!  these aspects would all further the RTS aspect of game play in many ways but also stand true with the traditional RPG aspects.

Elaborate player homes and towns - with any RTS you know there are some fun buildings, obviously in the light of being a new player friendly we couldn’t have turrets or other means of defending vast areas, but aside from that there could be numerous! beside the common home, mansions, farms, harbors shops, pubs, breweries, lumber mills, wizard towers for researching of dark magic, churches for the research of holy magics (healing, etc)

RTS elements such as mass crafting of items would be implemented in a way that players could have thriving towns directly stocked by their own means and methods, mass produce weapons and armor for the public to purchase giving your specific town a spirit of its own.

Research ancient tomes found in dungeons to benefit from dark knowledge, allowing you to further progress your cities well beyond a simple 8 hut village to a massive castle fortress fit only for the greatest, or those who grow jealous of your purse.

Employ other players in game to run tasks such as miners, lumberjacks, fishermen, shop keeps, delivery boys and more. employ them as town guard, militants to prevent the raiding and seizure of your hard work.

Develop trade routes via horseback, caravan or even trade ships between a fellow player/guilds town to harness even more political and militant power.

Real consequences for deaths IE loot-able corpse. IN a game where such power is attainable, there needs to be a way of shutting down a power for a good amount of time, or just until your victim figures out a way to get you back ;) banks and store houses would be implemented to safeguard your precious items in the case of imminent danger, but beware. even the safest of safes can be cracked with a little time and a lock picking skill of over 9000.

But then again, why trouble yourself with such a busy lifestyle? why not live out your own fantasy life as simple citizen of said city? make your employ by playing wondrous melodies as a bard at the pub, maybe put on a show as a jester or perhaps let the darker sides of you take the reigns and live the life of a thief making way with goods stolen by caravan only to sell them right back to the poor sap who lost them in the first place.

Needless to say you would king of your castle and become capable of knighting noblemen who serve you well giving them not only a revered title but access to the royal armory 

Art styleCell Shaded similar Dragon Quest 8, I’m a believer that simple is good, the cell shaded atmosphere has always evoked much stronger a fantasy feeling for me than high quality HD CGI, not only is it more fantasy like in my opinion but it holds stronger to being an mmo for everyone, super decked out graphics only appeal to gamers who have the needed hardware to enjoy them, with simplified graphics (WoW like even) it can appeal to a much broader group of gamers as opposed to the select few with very modern systems

PS, Please leave feedback, I love hearing the ideas of similar minded gamers, especially as well as different minded ones

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